I'm still tempted to choose the inefficient route from Sunxuemei's blog

I do appreciate RuneScape gold Slayer xp past 99. Therefore, camping waterfiends isn't efficient because I don't gain any Slayer xp while collecting charms. To put it into perspective, I'd gain over 100k reddish charms when I chased my way to 200m xp from the slayer skill. If I were to acquire 200m summoning right now without progressing my slayer xp, then when I start going for 200m slay afterward, all those potential allure drops become totally and completely useless.

Knowing this, I'm still tempted to choose the inefficient route, and purely train . If I camp waterfiends, I receive better returns out of my bonus xp aura, meaning that I need to collect less complete charms. I will get a better rank on the hiscores in summoning. If I slay for all my charms, I save a large amount of time required to collect charms, but I will likely have to use my charms without even double XP active.

There are currently 68 people with 200m summoning. I guess I could just have an opportunity to rank within the top 100 players at summoning if I get 200m at the end of august. I can not determine what to do. Maybe because it's 3am and I can not think straight, but idk. Any advice?

Thus, I've gotten up into the Dagonnoth Mother manager from the quest'Blood Run Deep'. I'm well aware of what happens in the struggle, it changes color, you gotta change fighting style... etc.. It something I should be able to do, I have all the equipment for such a fight.

Now, the problem here is that I'll hit it with Balmung, taking off a a good chunk of it's health and after that it has colours activate. From there on, I can't do any harm. It is going to only switch blue and even when I try to utilize water spell out (water tide ) it will just end up missing all the time or without damage and the mother will en up continuously shifting from blue to red and back. I can not do cheap RS gold any harm to either of them even with fire and water magical...

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