Minority groups coming from deep traditions can follow them from Sunxuemei's blog

The vast Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket majority group just kinda does exactly what they need, with a fairly poorly defined identity. . They have decided they do not really care about ancestral origins, don't have a carefully unique cultural backing, and do not mind. Due to getting zero possession concern in the ethnic components they use, they don't care about appropriation in the slightest (and often don't know why others might).

Minority groups coming from deep traditions can follow them. Surface-level components can be appropriated, but the underlying culture is much too complex for that. If a white woman puts on a Chinese dress and beverages some green tea, that is a far shot out of a tea ceremony that requires about as much study to get right as a Master Electrician license. In general members will be delighted to export their civilization, and do not feel threatened that they won't have anything unique and special of their own. You've got to be actively disrespectful together with the appropriation to cause anger;"I enjoy it and I need it" is a legitimate reason to replicate.

Minority groups without preserved historic customs, and trying to establish a unique identity. This is the point where the poisonous idiocy usually stems from (or by'allies'). You are seeking to make a exceptional set identity, but whatever you can come up with can be instantly appropriated. And I get how that would be frustrating. You wish to be a part of a particular club, and other men and women are forcing entrance. Frankly, the only real solution I have here, is to create a convention which requires so much energy to care that it's not going to get appropriated. Nobody is going about appropriating Muslim socialization practices, as your average person isn't going to learn a new language then dedicate five minutes five times every day for the rest of eternity. But... like. . I rather get it. Except the Men and Women who want this aren't willing to animal crossing new horizons items for sale put a huge investment in it, and just want a quick-and-easy cultural identifier nobody else can utilize

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