The street price is the price at which someone is willing from Nanlina's blog

Do not be scared to take the RS gold extra mile when cash earning. If you really need to earn $ though, I'd not use slayer for it because that will greatly decrease your xp/hr in slayer. Use the best you can to powertrain with slayer and utilize Frosts/Barrows to make the $ back. Should you Frost sufficient, you can profit despite the losses out of slayer powertraining. Slayer is currently not among his more important objectives. I never once mentioned anything on Slayer XP. I said powertraining, which means for his CB stats, maybe not Slayer level. He should be using other methods besides slayer to create his $. Slayer should just be used for XP.

I don't see why people buy corrupt dragon anyhow. Sounds like a waste of cash to me. Because Corrupt dragon is the best F2P armour, PKers buy the weapons since they help getting kills and clanners purchase the armour to be able to tank more. But doesn't it vanish after something like 30 minutes? Yeah it does but it also depends upon the way you use it. For example, if you're PKing and only employing a corrupt dragon weapon to deal the final hit then obviously your weapon is going to last a while.

All these are two great hits are the gap from killing or being killed. With the fall (s) you'd receive, assuming that your PKing, it probably makes up for the high cost of Corrupt Dragon. Especially if you're a pro Pker such as Mic. You then make a significant profit. Additionally, the boots street price was 25M (Leaf obtained the boots) while GE price was 8M? Thought it was the same. It appears that you can't wager money . Individuals will just store in their pouch.

The street price is the price at buy osrs gold paypal which someone is willing to pay for a product. The GE cost is just an automated way of recording transactions and updating the price to adhere to that. Why do you believe the GE prices vary? Because people purchase and sell in the road prices via the GE and it updates the price to match this.

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